ZutGlazz manufactures a popular line of drinkware sold through exclusive partnerships in Europe and North America. Using techniques developed hundreds of years ago, some of Europe’s finest glass and crystal craftsmen shape the style, quality and design of the ZutGlazz line.

We incorporate digitized computer modeling for shape, body and characteristics which compliment the varietal of beverage and use hand blown, cut rim techniques to ensure the finest work of art. ZutGlazz produces a drink ware line that supports and enhances wines, spirits and cordials with a range of price points to suit any budget.

Designed for the fine dining sector, our entire line has the look of a delicate and fragile work of art, but has a stable, balanced base, ergonomically designed shape and glass strengthened with techniques to help it resist chipping and breaking.

ZutGlazz can be found at select partners exclusively. Not available in retail stores or online. For partnership inquires, contact us.